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"Marian is a dream to work with. Always on the pulse and at the center of action, combined with an explosive mix of energy and charisma, she is the quintessential PR with a great eye for business. She really knows how to create a buzz!"

- Chelsea Gates, Sports Reporter,120 Sports


"Marian was extremely efficient, great at PR, and knowledgeable about brand marketing strategies. She is always a pleasure to work with, full of ideas, tremendously well connected and never fails to deliver. She's the girl who makes impossible things happen."

- Yaxi Yang, Client Relations Director, Mandarin Quarterly


"Marian is a force of nature. She has positive energy unlike any other. She is also the most socially adept and astute person I've worked with. When she combines her skills with her impressive (and growing) list of contacts, I can only imagine a perfect PR solution."

- Christine Minji Chang, Executive Director, Kollaboration



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